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Emory loves words. She believes they are powerful tools with the potential to create worlds. When her parents realized her bevy of words also came with a flair for the dramatic they put her in the local theatre straightaway – and a grand love affair for story was born. This love for story led her along both a creative path as well as a spiritual one. Believing the good news of Jesus to be the greatest story of all led her into the heart of ministry where she both served on church staff and toured the country performing one woman shows with her non-profit Dramatic Encounter. Her passion for the Word of God opened the door to her initial experimentation with the spoken word art form. Speaking the Word of God over the people of God to stir up the Spirit of God within them was the goal – but exploring the beauty of spoken word poetry was a creative shot to her soul she’s yet to recover from. Emory resides in Redding, CA with her husband and their much loved puppy, Max.


Dramatic Encounter is a non-profit dramatic arts ministry founded by Emory in 2005. She toured for several years performing one woman shows (The Thread and Grace’s Café), spoken word, emceeing events, and speaking and teaching for workshops. While the shows are now retired, Emory is available for speaking engagements and spoken word performances. Dramatic Encounter, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.


Hope Deferred - Spoken Word Poetry
Is there Hope? - (BROKEN) Spoken Word Poetry
How to Fix Broken - (WHOLE) - Spoken Word Poetry
Falling in Love (MULHOLLAND) - Spoken Word Poetry
Be Brave featuring cellist Becca Bradley (Spoken Word Poetry)
Wild & Free featuring Michael Farren (Spoken Word Poetry)
Dream with Me featuring Michael Farren (Spoken Word Poetry)
I am His Beloved - featuring Michael Farren (Spoken Word Poetry)
ReSET LIVE Spoken Word Worship Night featuring Michael Farren
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“I have watched Emory minister to many different types of people in a variety of settings. Her outstanding versatility is one of her greatest strengths. She has a unique ability to connect with her audience. Excellence and professionalism are two words that perfectly describe Emory. She is a delight to work with both in front of and behind the scenes. Adapting to any ministry setting, Emory does a top-notch job of emceeing, performing, and ministering, adjusting her work to meet the needs of the conference leader. She is sensitive, creative and desires to serve the Lord with her whole heart.”

Betsy Langmade

Women’s Event Project Coordinator, LifeWay Christian Resources

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